Ventilator Care

wean your loved one off ventilator care at new franklin centerweaning resident off ventilator care

Wean your loved ones off ventilator care!

New Franklin Center has become a pioneer and innovator in ventilator care and developed special methods for weaning patients off of ventilators.

Our belief at New Franklin Center is that every patient should try to reach a complete weaning. To that end, we strive to return each ventilator dependent resident back to natural breathing. Once weaned, patients often return home and resume living and breathing independently.

Whenever feasible, New Franklin Center offer residents portable ventilators, giving them a high degree of mobility and functionality. This level of self-sufficiency and independence often boosts their morale and speeds up the healing process. To help ease their recovery, our staff makes use of non- invasive techniques for accurate measurement of blood oxygen levels, without needing to draw blood each time. If a resident cannot speak or swallow, we will analyze and evaluate their specific conditions to determine the cause. We then use specific methods and devices to restore these functions to the resident’s maximum capabilities.

As we recognize that healing is a complex and holistic process, our multidisciplinary team treats the whole person and makes use of the most up to date technologies and methods in the industry,

Due to our high success rate of weaning, the atmosphere at New Franklin is optimistic, inducing confidence in residents that weaning is possible.

When a resident is weaned off a ventilator and ready to go home, he or she will  be sent home with family members knowing what to expect and how to deal with various situations that may arise. Our staff, directed through an Interdisciplinary Treatment Team provide family members and caregivers with training, skills, and the knowledge of how to continue caring for the patient at home. In fact, the resident’s family is included in every step of the planning process.