In the News

In May, Franklin’s Adult Day Care Center held a special Lifetime Achievement Celebration for an honored resident of the community, 107 year old Ichong Chiang . Although Ichong was not able to attend in person, daughters Ruth Woo & Julia Wang accepted the awards on his behalf.

According to his daughters, Ichong arrived in the United States in 1983 from Taiwan after serving 25 years in his country’s military. He taught himself English at age 70.

Rose Hellman, the Program Director at Franklin’s Adult Day Care, remarked how alert Mr. Chiang is and how much he has accomplished in his long life. “He still buys the lotto every week and cooks himself, and even wrote his own biography a few years ago.”

The ceremony was attended by many dignitaries and community residents, including members of congress and City Council members.

Here are some pictures and a video recap of the grand event.